Walk the Labyrinth and follow

its winding path –

Enjoy a timeless moment of

calm and peace.

Return renewed! Bright Blessings!

Walking the labyrinth models the classical three-fold spiritual path.

Walking in: Releasing, emptying, letting go, and forgiving.  

Time in the center to be in "timelessness” Experience Illumination, clarity, and insight.

Walking out: Union, initiative, integration, and action in the world



Mother Earth, you are my life support system.


As your child I drink your blue water,       live within your red clay and

eat your green skin.


Help me to balance myself,

as you hold in balance

The earth, the sun, and the universe.


I pray that my feet will always

kiss your face

And my footsteps match your heartbeat.


Carry my body through time and space.

You are my connection to the universe

      And all that comes afterward.


I am yours and you are mine.

I honor you and salute you.


        Adapted from “Men Who Stare at Goats”.         

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