The word evokes ancient memories of the past - as depicted in strangely evocative paintings found in caves and on rocks around the world.

"Shaman" is a Siberian term used today as a generic description for those who practice this ancient art in non-tribal settings.

 Shamanic Practitioner utilize journeys, a form of active imagination or visualization done with a particular goal as the outcome.  A Journey can uncover the root cause of a problem which impacts negatively today. Shamans work with Guides, most often in the form of Animal Allies.

Each journey is different and unique to the individual. The outcome is determined by your Guides, working for your highest well being. They may help motivate you, uncover basic causes of health or stress issues, clarify relationship problems, and more. An introductory Journey will connect you with your personal guides who will be with you on future Journeys.

Shamanism offers simple, yet powerful, personal ceremonies that facilitate personal understanding and integration for your healing on all levels. These are co-created with you in your shamanic sessions.


SOUL RETRIEVAL is a special form of healing Journey done by the practitioner to find and restore "missing parts" of the Soul. In a Soul Retrieval the missing parts of the Soul can be found, brought back, and healed for full integration of the Soul. The shaman tracks the piece and brings it home. The client is given simple meditation work with the piece to welcome it and encourage its integration. 

Why does part of a soul leave?

If a person experienced an abusive situation part of the soul may leave to protect itself. If a traumatic accident is about to occur the soul may leave so that it won't be affected by the accident. If a loved one leaves or dies, the soul part may go until the person is ready to deal with their grief.  Trauma is often rooted in childhood experiences, but soul loss may result as an adult as well.

Symptoms of Soul Loss may include depression, negative outlook, feelings of unworthiness, lack of enthusiasm, lack of goals, defensive behavior and inappropriate anger, a feeling of incompleteness, lost memories, feeling like you aren't in control of your life. The client is always in charge of the experience, and may choose to end a Journey at any time, for any reason.

EXTRACTION is a shamanic healing technique to remove Negative Energies or Negative Entities from a person or home. An assessment is done first to determine the need.  If an energy, it is dispersed harmlessly. If an entity, it is guided to where it will find peace and do no further harm.

SOUL THEFT occurs with co-dependency,deep attachment, inability to release someone at the end of a relationship  (separation, divorce, death), You may have a sense of incompleteness if someone is holding part of your soul.

CUTTING CORDS OF ATTACHMENT  is a powerful way to release attachment to another person. Cords attach between your chakras and those of another person. Some are healthy, but others may become detrimental. Each cord is examined as cords to the upper chakras may be beneficial. The shamanic practitioner is shown in meditation and journeys which cords to guide you to release. This is not harmful to either person involved.

Donata has completed apprenticeship as a Shamanic Practitioner in two ancient Shamanic traditions: Huichol and Inka, and is a Priestess of the Maya Temple of the Deer. She has received training In advanced shamanic healing techniques,  including Soul Retrieval, Soul Theft, Ancestral Lineage Healing, and Extraction.

She deeply respects her Elders and forerunners, the Tribal Shamans, and is grateful for their teachings.

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