Donata is a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Past Life Soul Regression Therapist, and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.


Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state that allows access to deep, hidden, or denied areas of the mind. There is no surrender of mind or control.

Hypnosis is a motivational tool that reinforces the client's goals.The client does the work to bring about the changes needed to manifest the desired results.

A powerful method to discover core issues and patterns is  Past Life Soul Regression.

Patterns and beliefs stay in our soul memory and DNA  which may be blocks to your happiness today. Past life soul regression can remove these blocks. The client is in a light trance and always in control of the session. Your Higher Self and Guides assist you and work for your highest good.

Scientific studies have verified that emotional patterns and reaction to traumatic events are held in the DNA and passed down to descendants - to you. These can cause patterns and blocks that can be uncovered in Hypnotic Regression.  The story, or past life, that unfolds may be the story of an ancestor who first experienced the trauma that you hold in your DNA.

Past Life Soul Regression can uncover blocks and allow you to remove them and change them for beneficial ones.

At times, with permission of the Akashic Guardians,       Past Lives can be accessed in the Akashic Records, an astral library which holds the records of all our lives. The Akashic Records can help us to understand the lessons of this life. 

The Soul chooses to return in order to grow spiritually. Your Soul or Higher Self will never choose harmful situations or events to teach you. You may reincarnate in order to change a past life situation, but you often will forget this as you reincarnate, thus repeating unhelpful patterns and beliefs.

NOTE: Belief in reincarnation is helpful but not essential for past life regression to be successful. You may experience an ancestral past life through your DNA stored memory, or you may access your deep subconscious or the universal collective conscious in regression sessions. Your Guides choose the appropriate life for you to explore at this time.

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