Chrysalis Heart Center offers SHAMANIC DOWSING to assist you in achieving a balanced harmonious flow of energy within yourself and within your home or office.

Shamanic Dowsing utilizes the methods and tools of the shaman and the dowser to bring about the desired result. 

Donata is experienced as both a shamanic practitioner and a dowser and finds their joint use to be highly effective in her work. She includes principles of Feng Shui in her dowsing work.

Chakra Clearing & Balancing:The shamanic dowsing session removes blockages in the major energy centers of the body and allows harmonious energy to flow easily up and down the major energy highway of the spine. You will be given simple meditation and visualization methods to maintain chakra health for yourself.

Aura Healing: The shamanic dowser assess the state of the aura and locates holes in it caused by illness, depression and stress. These can be healed and filled with positive energy. Once this is done it is your responsibility to do the work to continue to maintain aura health. 

Donata shares energy methods with her clients in order to enable the client to continue this work at home.

Clearing Space: Your home may need clearing for several reasons, which can be detected by a shamanic dowser. These may include:

Harmful energy lines in or around your home

Ancient negative happenings which leave a signature energy, 

Entities stuck in this reality that can be helped to move on,     

Negative thoughts from occupants/others, prolonged illness depression, and other reasons.

Your home can be assessed and cleared by a shamanic dowser with the participation and commitment of the home occupants. Simple Feng Shui remedies may be applied to adjust the flow of energy once the space is cleared.

Sessions are available in person, or by prepaid telephone appointments.

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